About Us

Our History

J & J Body Shop opened in Roseville, CA in 1975. It was started by two brothers, Jozo & Zlatko Vasilj. It was a small run down 2500 square foot building on Riverside Avenue. With their hands-on approach, Jozo and Zlatko made a name for themselves quickly. They worked day, night and weekends to get the place going. Word spread fast about their hard work, quality and customer service. They not only repaired cars all day, but also had a 24hr tow service.

Pretty soon, as the business thrived, they outgrew that building and needed to expand. They found a great lot just around the corner on Darling Way where the current location is. The new building opened on July 1st 1980.


Roseville was a small town then and J & J Body Shop had grown to be a part of it. Jozo and Zlatko loved the community and enjoyed helping people any way they could. Over the decades as Roseville has grown, so has the shop. The building has expanded, employee count has grown and the repair methods have evolved. The only thing that has remained constant is Jozo and Zlatko.

They’ve since retired, handing down the business to their sons in the early 2000’s. You can still catch them here though – they love to come down and check on the shop, greet their customers and talk with all the guys. It’s been over 35 years since they first opened. Times have changed, but they still talk about the “old” shop like it was yesterday. Auto body repairs have been a labor of love for Jozo and Zlatko – two true greats in Roseville and in the collision repair industry.